About Us

Our story

During the last two years, our guiding principle was the preservation of the cultural heritage through the transfer of quality and old recipes, which were conveyed orally from one generation to another.

In order to preserve authenticity, we decided to use only the raw materials from the area of Kvarner, Istria and the islands and thus back the local, regional economy. For the same reason we are not giving in to industrial products, but only use the products given by Nature. :)

10382603_318531268314611_6948048638352642373_o.jpgFamily tradition

"It feels good to see satisfied look on the faces of our customers when, after they purchase some of our products, we offer to paint motifs of their choice on selected bottles. This is the point of the story. Our customers have various desires and our goal is to fulfill those desires as well as to see them return."

During every promotion or degustation, we like to present the origin of our products and that is why we use and put the emphasis on traditional costumes. Therefore, our local, indigenous liquors in decorated bottles make an excellent and interesting souvenir or a gift for any occasion. We recommend our customers to buy Lemonica or any other of our products as a gift for friends or relatives, instead of buying coffee or expensive foreign drinks. Every product we have to offer can be found in any Trgovina Krk store on the island and mainland as well as in the Kvarner Punat stores.

As well as in the above-mentioned stores, our products can also be found in the Jadranka stores from Lošinj and Cres, Puljanka stores and Dulcis stores, specialized for the high quality products and located in Pula. Furthermore, our products can be found in many souvenir shops of the island, cafes and restaurants, such as Capitano bar and Gardens restaurant in Rijeka, coffee bar Sunčani Sat in Vodice and many other places.

Tasting of the premium liqueurs is also a possibility for all interested parties, with previous appointment. Old islanders claim that our liquors heal.

Try and see for yourself.