What do we do?

LikeRi Ltd. is a company for production of innovative liqueurs of unique flavors with an emphasis on traditional component of the products from the island of Krk. The project was created after extensive market research and experimentation with new innovative liqueur flavors. Our current offer comprehends the following liqueurs: Lemonica (based on lemon and herbs from the area of the Croatian islands) and Zlatna/Golden (based on white wine from the variety žlahtina). Zlatna/Golden is a unique product in the world market for which there is already a serious export potential.

Liqueur is a traditional drink that you drink at certain times and in special occasions and as such has its place on the market. There are about three hundred different flavors of liqueurs that are offered on the world market and liquor consumers are in constant search of new flavors. LikeRi Ltd. explored the preferences of users and found that on the world market there are no liqueurs based on indigenous wine variety žlahtina. Soon after we started developing the product and started with trial production, untill finally we managed to get a liquor that will suit the needs of customers. Reactions to the test series were outstanding, both in Croatia and abroad, and during 2014 we decided to found a company that will deal with production of innovative flavor liqueurs. Among others, we have autochthonous olives, immortelle from the island, and many other raw materials, which can be found in abundance on our island and along the Adriatic coast, and which are unique and original on the world market.

During a business trip to London project LikeRi received much praise in the category of quality drinks, for the product Zlatna/Golden we already received orders by companies which will use their strength to present it on the Asian and American continents.