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Zlatna bottle

Liqueur made of zlahtina wine

white wine (Vrbnička žlahtina), purified water, alcohol, natural sugar


Lemon and mint liqueur

Freshly squeezed lemon juice, lemon pieces, lemon zest, from fresh, organic lemons, honey, lemon balm, alcohol, purified water.

Lemonica bottle
Aronica bottle

Aronia berry liqueur

Aronia juice, alcohol of agricultural origin, mint, purified water, natural sugar.


Cannabis schnapps

Highest quality schanpps from selected grapes of Island Krk, plant Cannabis.

Lemonica bottle



We offer the following sizes

ProductLemonicaZlatni likerAronicaMamyJuana
Class 0,02 l8,00 kn8,00 kn10,00 kn10,00 kn
Class 0,5 l56,00 kn60,00 kn68,00 kn74,00 kn
Class 0,7 l72,00 kn76,00 kn84,00 kn90,00 kn
Class 1,0 l86,00 kn90,00 kn100,00 kn110,00 kn
Unique 0,1 l22,00 kn24,00 kn28,00 kn30,00 kn
Unique 0,2 l40,00 kn42,00 kn46,00 kn50,00 kn
Unique 0,7 l80,00 kn84,00 kn92,00 kn100,00 kn
Lanterna 0,05 l20,00 kn22,00 kn24,00 kn26,00 kn
Lanterna 0,2 l42,00 kn44,00 kn50,00 kn54,00 kn
Sopela 0,1 l28,00 kn30,00 kn32,00 kn34,00 kn
Jedrilica 0,35 l54,00 kn 56,00 kn60,00 kn64,00 kn
Pijana Nada 0,5 l72,00 kn76,00 kn80,00 kn84,00 kn
Kopačka 0,2 l44,00 kn46,00 kn50,00 kn56,00 kn
Mobitel 0,2 l54,00 kn56,00 kn60,00 kn64,00 kn
Srce Vatreno 0,2 l38,00 kn42,00 kn46,00 kn50,00 kn
Shakira 0,5 l90,00 kn92,00 kn96,00 kn100,00 kn
Eiffelov toranj 0,5 l76,00 kn78,00 kn90,00 kn94,00 kn
Puška 0,2 l50,00 kn52,00 kn54,00 kn60,00 kn
Puška 0,5 l90,00 kn92,00 kn96,00 kn100,00 kn
Puška 0,75 l116,00 kn120,00 kn 130,00 kn140,00 kn

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