Terms and conditions

Dear customers,

We will gift-wrap or pack up and decorate all the products purchased from us entirely free of charge. You can choose between the decorative baskets, wooden or cardboard boxes, according to your

preferences. We can also paint the bottles as shown in the pictures in our gallery.

There is a possibility of quantity discount for legal persons, according to arrangement. There is also a possibility of a special discount for marketing, wedding and travel agencies, restaurants or for resale,

also according to arrangement.

Payments for all legal persons is made in advance according to the offer, unless otherwise agreed because of the large amount or personalization of the product/package.

Delivery date is maximum seven days from the date of payment, except in the case of extremely large orders or personalization of the product.

Exclusivity of the product requires only the highest quality raw materials from Croatian territory.

Originality is our forte, smiling customers OUR MISSION.

LikeRi team seeks new ways of making pleasant surprises to their customers on a daily base.